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In the wireless broadband network, most traffic are generated from indoor, and the indoor coverage is identified as the major bottleneck especially in dense urban environment with high-rising buildings. In this paper, the TD-LTE network downlink performance of indoor is studied with various deployment options, including outdoor Macro and Micro cell, indoor(More)
Due to its lower CM/PAR and larger cell coverage compared with OFDM, it is proposed to incorporate single-carrier FDMA into 802.16m specification. Purpose For discussion and approval by TGm. Notice This document does not represent the agreed views of the IEEE 802.16 Working Group or any of its subgroups. It represents only the views of the participants(More)
AMC (Adaptive Modulation and Coding) is an important technology adopted by IEEE 802.16. Based on AMC, we introduce a frequency domain scheduling and subchannel resource allocation algorithm (FDSA) in this paper for IEEE 802.16 OFDMA systems. According to this algorithm which is applied in physical layer, the paper also proposes a simple AMC link adaptive(More)
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