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Characterizing Crowds to Better Optimize Worker Recommendation in Crowdsourced Testing
We propose Multi-Objective Crowd wOrker recoMmendation approach (MOCOM), which aims at recommending a minimum number of crowd workers who could detect the maximum number of bugs for a crowdsourced testing task. Expand
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Natural microshells of alginate-chitosan : Unexpected stability and permeability
Abstract We utilized alginate sodium (ALG) and chitosan (CHI) as wall components to construct a natural and biodegradable polyelectrolyte microshell by the electrostatic self-assembly technique. TheExpand
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Silver/graphene nanocomposites as catalysts for the reduction of p‐nitrophenol to p‐aminophenol: Materials preparation and reaction kinetics studies
Ag/graphene nanocomposites have been demonstrated to be promising catalysts for hydrogenation reduction of p-nitrophenol (p-NP) to p-aminophenol (p-AP). Herein, we reported the synthesis ofExpand
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Alterations in biomass allocation indicate the adaptation of submersed macrophytes to low-light stress
Abstract The decline in submersed macrophytes induced by low-light stress is ubiquitous in mid-lower Yangtze lakes in China. However, the trade-offs among the adaptation mechanisms used by submersedExpand
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Using single molecule force spectroscopy to facilitate a rational design of Ca2+-responsive β-roll peptide-based hydrogels.
This study demonstrated that incorporation of Ca2+-responsive β-roll peptides arising from repeat-in-toxin (RTX) into elastomeric proteins provided an approach to construct hydrogels that exhibitExpand
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Using dielectric barrier discharge and rotating packed bed reactor for NOx removal
Abstract Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are the main cause of photochemical smog and acid rain, which seriously endangers the ecological environment and human health. This phenomenon is particularly seriousExpand
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Review of Innovative Cyberspace Security Research Inspired by Bionics Computing Methods
Bionics computing is an essential field of research to incorporate the computing power contained or generated by living creature characteristics to give innovative solutions to challenging problems. Expand
A Semi-Dominant Mutation in OsCESA9 Improves Salt Tolerance and Favors Field Straw Decay Traits by Altering Cell Wall Properties in Rice
Background Cellulose synthase (CESA) mutants have potential use in straw processing due to their lower cellulose content, but almost all of the mutants exhibit defective phenotypes in plant growthExpand