Jianfeng Bao

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Graphene has a negative thermal expansion coefficient; that is, when heated, the graphene lattice shrinks. On the other hand, the substrates typically used for graphene growth, such as silicon carbide, have a positive thermal expansion coefficient. Hence, on cooling graphene on SiC, graphene expands but SiC shrinks. This mismatch will physically break the(More)
  • Jianfeng Bao, – H. Liu, – Z. Xing, –B. Song, –Y. Yang
  • 2013
Article history: Received: 05.11.2013. Received in revised form: 31.07.2013. Accepted: 29.08.2013. Hot bending and die quenching for U-shaped parts with ultra-high-strength boron steel were experimented and simulated to study the effect of die geometric parameters on springback and its mechanism. The results indicate that through hot contact bending and die(More)
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