Jianfen Zhang

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This paper presents a simple strategy for perception-action of robots in indoor environments using Hierarchical Temporal Memory which is the theory of modeling the rationale of the neocortex. The main idea of the present study is that the input of the HTM network is images of objects that robot perceives in environment, and the output of HTM network is(More)
Bio-inspired mapping methods have started a new trend in the robotics navigation area. In this paper, we propose a new map building framework based on the neocortex model: Hierarchical Temporary Memory (HTM). HTM has tree-shaped hierarchical structure and demonstrates structural and algorithmic properties of the human brain neocortex. We first treat the(More)
A mixed acid solution spilled on the pants of a 40-year-old man weighing 85 kg from a broken transmission pipe in the workplace. After removing the contaminated clothes and copious lavage for 20 mins on-site, the patient was immediately sent to the emergency department 1 h post-exposure. On admission, the patient, complained of severe pain over the injury(More)
Cascading failure plays an important role in blackouts. Complex network theory, with the disadvantage of ignoring some of physical features of the power systems, is often utilized to model the cascading failure evolution processes. In this paper, a new risk assessment method based on evolution procedure and dynamic fault trees (DFTs), is proposed to model(More)
BACKGROUND Chemical burns caused by hydrofluoric acid (HF) frequently occur in the Western Zhejiang Province. This study aimed to investigate the epidemiological characteristics of HF burns within this region. METHODS A 10-year retrospective analysis was conducted using data from all inpatients with HF burns. These patients were treated at the Department(More)
para-Chloronitrobenzene (p-CNB) is one of the important chemicals with high liposolubility and oxidizing properties. Heated p-CNB liquid can cause thermal injury by absorption over skin and wound and even methemoglobinemia by conversion of hemoglobin into methemoglobin. Severe methemoglobinemia is a life-threatening condition that demands immediate(More)
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