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Efficient algorithms for mining frequent itemsets are crucial for mining association rules as well as for many other data mining tasks. Methods for mining frequent itemsets have been implemented using a prefix-tree structure, known as an FP-tree, for storing compressed information about frequent itemsets. Numerous experimental results have demonstrated that(More)
Keys are very important in many aspects of data management, such as guiding query formulation, query optimization, indexing, etc. We consider the situation where an XML document does not come with key definitions, and we are interested in using data mining techniques to obtain a representation of the keys holding in a document. In order to have a compact(More)
Mining frequent itemsets is at the core of mining association rules, and is by now quite well understood algorithmically for main memory databases. In this paper, we investigate approaches to mining frequent itemsets when the database or the data structures used in the mining are too large to fit in main memory. Experimental results show that our techniques(More)
This paper presents an occlusion robust image representation method and apply it to face recognition. Inspired from the recent work [15], we propose a Gabor phase difference representation for occlusion robust face recognition. Based on the good ability of Gabor filters to capture image structure and the robustness to image occlusion shown in this paper,(More)
Two major polysaccharide fractions, WPS-1 and APS-2, were isolated from water-soluble and alkali-soluble extracts of Huaza No. 4 rapeseed meal with a stepwise procedure of D3520 macroporous adsorption resin column chromatography, ethanol precipitation, and DE-52 cellulose column chromatography. Physicochemical properties of the polysaccharides were(More)
BACKGROUND Relatively few studies have focused on the major medical complications that are more common in older adults. Furthermore, these studies have generally not reported how accurately a risk factor, or combination of risk factors, can distinguish between those who will have a complication and those who will not. METHODS A total of 236 consecutive(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play an essential role in the tumorigenesis of gastric carcinoma (GC). MiR-429 has been recently reported to inhibit GC growth, but the underlying mechanisms are not clear. METHODS Here, we studied the levels of miR-429 and anti-apoptotic protein Bcl-2 in GC specimens. We performed bioinformatics analyses and used(More)