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In this study, we investigated children's fine motor development by analyzing drawing trajectories, kinematics and kinetics. Straight lines drawing task and circles drawing task were performed by using a force sensitive tablet. Forty right-handed and Chinese mother-tongue students aged 6-12, attending classes from grade 1 to 5, were engaged in the(More)
Vibration detecting system provides a monitor method for the equipment in normal work condition. A good detection system should get working statues of all components and transfer them to the terminal in time, so the system must have good real time performance. In this paper, we have realized a real-time Linux system for the self-designed vibration detecting(More)
This study was conducted to characterize the development of handwriting consistency in primary school children using Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) technology. A total of ninety-seven children from grade 1 to grade 5 were recruited from a Chinese primary school. The children were asked to perform three handwriting tasks on a digital tablet for data collection.(More)