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A rapid micropropagation system for Scabiosa tschiliensis Grunning, an ethnic medicinal plant, has been developed. Calluses were induced from leaf and petiole explants on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with 2.0 mg l−1 thidiazuron and 0.5 mg l−1 2,4-dicholorophenoxyacetic acid. In this medium, callus induction rate was about 94.05 %.(More)
OBJECTIVE Endothelin-1 is a potent vasoconstrictor derived from vascular endothelium. Elevated endothelin-1 levels are observed in a host of cardiovascular pathologies including cardiomyopathy. The epigenetic mechanism responsible for endothelin-1 induction in these pathological processes remains elusive. APPROACH AND RESULTS We report here that induction(More)
Fibrosis following injury is a common adaptive response in the liver, which can lead to irreparable and life-threatening cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma without effectual intervention. The molecular mechanisms underlying fibrogenic response in the liver remains poorly understood. Here we report that mice with deficiency in myocardin-related(More)
Transforming growth factor (TGF-β) induced activation of portal fibroblast cells serves as a primary cause for liver fibrosis following cholestatic injury. The underlying epigenetic mechanism is not clear. We studied the role of a transcriptional modulator, megakaryoblastic leukemia 1 (MKL1) in this process. We report here that MKL1 deficiency ameliorated(More)
In this study, a FeCx/N-doped carbon fiber composite (FeCx/NCNFs) was developed via an electrospinning method. According to the characterization results of XRD, TEM and XPS, FeCx (a mixture of Fe7C3 and Fe3C) was either embedded in or attached to the NCNFs. It was used for the first time as a catalyst for dimethylarsinate (DMA) degradation and as an(More)
This paper proposes a new fragile watermarking algorithm which is mainly applied to binary document image based on the wet paper code. In order to improve embedding capacity and locating tampered area, some work is done base on the prior research of fragile in this paper. First, we dynamically adjust the bits which are embedded into image according to the(More)