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This paper proposes a new fragile watermarking algorithm which is mainly applied to binary document image based on the wet paper code. In order to improve embedding capacity and locating tampered area, some work is done base on the prior research of fragile in this paper. First, we dynamically adjust the bits which are embedded into image according to the(More)
This paper presents a simple and useful entertainment robot hand gesture recognition algorithm,for the scissors. Stones. Cloth of three hand-type,camera capture an image of each participant in the game,integrated use of image processing in the form of treatment study and image synthesis method to distinguish the specific hand each picture type. Experiments(More)
A rapid micropropagation system for Scabiosa tschiliensis Grunning, an ethnic medicinal plant, has been developed. Calluses were induced from leaf and petiole explants on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with 2.0 mg l−1 thidiazuron and 0.5 mg l−1 2,4-dicholorophenoxyacetic acid. In this medium, callus induction rate was about 94.05 %.(More)
In order to solve the conflict with robustness and invisibility of video watermark, the algorithms proposed in this paper select certain blocks according to the texture. By using the binary image to deal with logistic chaotic map and error-correction coding as watermarked data can improve the robustness and security. The low frequency signals of the(More)
It is evident that the environment takes an important part during implementation of impedance control of robot manipulators. Better results are expected if the impedance of the manipulator is configured according to the environment's dynamics. In this paper, a hybrid impedance controller is designed. With some robustness against the uncertainties of the(More)