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ClC-3, a member of the ClC family of voltage-gated chloride channels, regulates cell proliferation of cultured rat aortic vascular smooth muscle cells, pathogenesis of allergic rhinitis and tumor cell migration. However, its role in diabetic animals is still unknown. To address this issue, we investigated the expression patterns of ClC-3 in diabetic rats.(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity has been demonstrated to be associated with increased serum uric acid (SUA); however, little is known regarding the relationship between maximum weight, or maximum weight fluctuation, and uric acid concentration. Through retrospective means, we determined the association of maximum weight with SUA risk. METHODS Data of 21,414(More)
Although apoptosis plays an important role in the development of Diabetic Encephalopathy (DE), the underlying molecular mechanisms remain unclear. With respect to this, the present work aims to study the variation in chloride/proton exchanger ClC-3 expression and its association with HT22 hippocampal neuronal apoptosis under hyperglycemic condition in(More)
The English version of the Caregiver Quality of Life Index-Cancer (CQOLC) was translated into simplified Chinese (CQOLC-C), following cultural translation, back-translation and pretest steps. Three hundred and sixty one cancer caregivers participated in this study. Cronbach's alpha was used to assess CQOLC-C reliability. Exploratory factor analyses (EFA)(More)
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