Jianeng Tang

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In order to overcome the defects of Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (SFLA) such as slow searching speed in the late evolution and easily trapping into local extremum, a Composite Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (CSFLA) based on the basic idea of Artificial Fish-Swarm Algorithm (AFSA) is put forward in this paper in which the follow behavior of fishswarm is(More)
In the paper, the synchronization stability of a class of complex dynamical networks with non-delayed and delayed coupling is investigated. By establishing impulsive delay differential inequalities, sufficient conditions on the asymptotical stability of complex dynamical networks are derived. Some impulsive controllers are explicitly designed not only to(More)
A novel compression and encryption scheme using variable model arithmetic coding and coupled chaotic system, different from the traditional way which compresses the data first and then encrypts the compressed bit-stream later, can encrypt and compress the input plaintext synchronously. In this paper, an improved scheme using variable interval arithmetic(More)
In this paper, it is considered that chaos synchronization of Chen fractional order time-delay chaotic systems and its application in secure communication. By use of the fractional calculus techniques, we find that chaos exists in the fractional order Chen system with time delays when the order is less than 3. Firstly, based on the Laplace transform theory,(More)
Acoustic emission is an effective method of locating the rubbing fault. In order to solve the problem that satisfactory location accuracy is difficult to obtain because of the waveform distortion caused by signal propagation during the application of time delay estimation method in acoustic emission position estimation, beam-forming technique is applied to(More)
In the paper, a general complex dynamical network with coupling lags is introduced. Then the problem of synchronization stability analysis for the complex dynamical network is further discussed. By use of linear matrix inequalities (LMI), a novel Lyapunov functional is constructed. And then we have obtained a new general stability criterion of(More)
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