Jiandong Tai

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BACKGROUND Henoch-Schoenlein purpura is the one of most common types of systemic vasculitis that involves impaired renal function and Henoch-Schoenlein purpura nephritis (HSPN). The diagnosis of this condition is largely based on immunohistologic detection of immunoglobulin A1-containing immune complex in the glomerular deposits of mesangium. Despite(More)
A pair of flavanone glucoside diastereomers, (2R)- and (2S)-eriodictyol-5-O-beta-d-glucopyranoside (1a, 1b), was successfully separated by RP-C(18) high-performance liquid chromatography from Balanophora involucrata Hook. f. Some other compounds, including a pair of flavanone enantiomers, (2R)- and (2S)-eriodictyol (2a, 2b), and a pair of flavanone(More)
c-Myc and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) genes are frequently deregulated and overexpressed in this malignancy, and strategies designed to inhibit c-Myc and VEGF expression in cancer cells may have considerable therapeutic value. In the present study, we design and use short interfering RNA (siRNA) to inhibit c-Myc and VEGF expression in(More)
BACKGROUND T follicular helper (Tfh) cells are known to regulate humoral immune response. In this study we examined the correlation of different subsets of peripheral blood Tfh cells in patients with diabetic nephropathy (DN). METHODS A total of 23 DN patients and 15 healthy controls (HC) were investigated for various subsets of Tfh cells by flow(More)
A23-year-oldwomanhad aprogressively enlargingmass associatedwith abdominal distention and a dragging type of discomfort for 1week. She denied any history of hematemesis or hematochezia. On abdominal examination, an irregular mass measuring 20 × 10 cm without tenderness was found, and no bruit was heard on auscultation. No other vascular anomalies were(More)
CPT-11 (irinotecan) is a derivative of camptothecin which is a natural product derived from the Chinese tree Camptotheca acuminta and widely used in antitumor therapy. Here, the in vitro anti-tumor activity and associated mechanisms of a novel derivative of camptothecin, ZBH-1205, were investigated in a panel of 9 human tumor cell lines, as well as in HEK(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the clinical efficacy and safety of modified stapled transanal rectal resection (STARR) combined with perioperative pelvic floor biofeedback therapy (POPFBFT) in treating obstructed defecation syndrome (ODS). METHODS Thirty female ODS patients underwent modified STARR (resection and suture was performed in rectocele with one(More)
Ganoderic acid A (GA‑A), a triterpenoid, has been demonstrated to suppress cell proliferation in various cancers, including breast cancer and osteosarcoma. However, its effect on human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) remains to be elucidated. The present study aimed to investigate the effect of GA‑A on HCC cells in vitro. The HepG2 and SMMC7721 human HCC(More)
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