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We report a previously unrecognized prostate-specific protein, PrLZ (prostate leucine zipper), a new member of the Tumor Protein D52 (TPD52) family. The gene for PrLZ was localized at chromosome 8q21.1, a locus most frequently amplified in human prostate cancer. Multiple tissue analyses demonstrated PrLZ predominantly in the prostate gland. Although its(More)
A high-speed, small volume, light weight, high efficiency and power density generator for the miniature turbojet system has been gradually investigated. This paper focuses on the design of a 500W, 100000rpm generator suitable for use with the turbojet system. The design procedure selects the suitable machine type, at the same time, the rotor structure, the(More)
—The underlying correlation between gait time series and the different physiological states is investigated by means of complexity measure in this paper. The definition and algorithm of Lem-Ziv complexity are introduced first, and then the gait data analysis was implemented by using this method. The results show that a strong relation between the age and(More)
The traditional land-Use Planning(LUP) management is complicated and long-time cycle needed, which affected the implement and management of land use planning in a certain extent. On the basis of analysis of the main content and features of land use planning management, and components of ArcGIS technical development, this paper discusses the technology and(More)
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