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Global positioning system velocities from 553 control points within the Tibetan Plateau and on its margins show that the present-day tectonics in the plateau is best described as deformation of a continuous medium, at least when averaged over distances of Ͼϳ100 km. Deformation occurs throughout the plateau interior by ESE-WNW extension and slightly slower(More)
Homeostasis of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is essential for normal cellular functions. Disturbance of this homeostasis causes ER stress and activates the Unfolded Protein Response (UPR). The Ufm1 conjugation system is a novel Ubiquitin-like (Ubl) system whose physiological target(s) and biological functions remain largely undefined. Genetic study has(More)
To examine the role of telomeric repeat-binding factor 2 (TRF2) in epithelial tumorigenesis, we characterized conditional loss of TRF2 expression in the basal layer of mouse epidermis. These mice exhibit some characteristics of dyskeratosis congenita, a human stem cell depletion syndrome caused by telomere dysfunction. The epidermis in conditional TRF2 null(More)
MiR-200c has been shown to be related to cancer formation and progression. However, the prognostic and clinicopathologic significance of miR-200c expression in cancer remain inconclusive. We carried out this systematic review and meta-analysis to investigate the prognostic value of miR-200c expression in cancer. Pooled hazard ratios (HRs) of miR-200c for(More)
Lung cancer is a neoplasm with a 5-year survival rate of less than 15 % and a leading cause of death worldwide, despite recent progress in treatment and diagnostic methods. Lung cancer stem-like cells (CSCs) are pivotal in lung cancer metastasis and drug resistance. This study aimed to develop lung CSCs that stably express stem cell properties through(More)
The serine/threonine protein kinase CHK1 has been reported to bind to the recombinase RAD51 and facilitates its assembly in DNA damage sites via phosphorylation. However, the role of RAD51 in regulating the expression of CHK1 has never been explored. Here, we show that RAD51 is highly upregulated in esophageal squamous tumor tissues and its DMC1 domain(More)
Little is known about Yu-Ping-Feng (YPF), a typical Chinese herbal decoction, for its antitumor efficacy in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Here, we found that YPF significantly inhibited the growth of Lewis lung cancer, prolonged the survival of tumor-bearing mice, promoted NK cell tumor infiltration, increased the population of NK cells in spleen, and(More)
Communicated by [editor] For a compact surface Σ (orientable or not, and with boundary or not) we show that the fixed subgroup, Fix B, of any family B of endomorphisms of π 1 (Σ) is compressed in π 1 (Σ), i.e., rk(Fix B) rk(H) for any subgroup Fix B H π 1 (Σ). On the way, we give a partial positive solution to the inertia conjecture, both for free and for(More)
Rectified transport of active ellipsoidal particles is numerically investigated in a two-dimensional asymmetric potential. The out-of-equilibrium condition for the active particle is an intrinsic property, which can break thermodynamical equilibrium and induce the directed transport. It is found that the perfect sphere particle can facilitate the(More)
Transport of the finite size spherical Brownian particles is investigated in confined narrow channels with varying cross-section width. Applying the Fick-Jacobs approximation, we obtain the expressions of the particle current, the effective diffusion coefficient, and the coherence level of Brownian transport (the Péclet number). For the case of the biased(More)