Jianchuan Xing

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Cloud computing technology has been looked upon as the next-generation architecture of IT solution. It enables the users to move their data and application software to the network which is different from traditional solutions. Due to this IT services are not under logical, physical and users' controls, it brings many new different security challenges.(More)
With the widespread application of 3G terminals, the security issue of it becomes a paramount issue. This paper proposes a novel 3G terminals security model (3GTSM) to provide efficient support for security. A brief review of the security architecture of 3G communication system is given first, and then the security model, which proposes integration of(More)
As conventional intrusion detection systems cannot evolve with ceaselessly changing environment of computational Grid, a model of intrusion detection system named GIDIA based on immunity and multi Agents is developed with hierarchical architecture. Following definitions of immune model, detecting Agent, decision-making Agent, preventing Agent, and(More)