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The causes of land-use and land-cover change: moving beyond the myths
Common understanding of the causes of land-use and land-cover change is dominated by simplifications which, in turn, underlie many environment-development policies. This article tracks some of theExpand
Forest transitions: towards a global understanding of land use change
Places experience forest transitions when declines in forest cover cease and recoveries in forest cover begin. Forest transitions have occurred in two, sometimes overlapping circumstances. In someExpand
The melting Himalayas: cascading effects of climate change on water, biodiversity, and livelihoods.
The cascading effects of rising temperatures and loss of ice and snow in the region are affecting, for example, water availability, biodiversity, biodiversity and ecosystem boundary shifts, and global feedbacks. Expand
Maxent modeling for predicting the potential distribution of medicinal plant, Justicia adhatoda L. in Lesser Himalayan foothills
The population of the medicinal plant, Malabar nut (Justicia adhatoda L) is shrinking in Dun valley due to habitat fragmentation, invasion by Lantana camara, over-exploitation, and an ever-increasingExpand
The sooty moulds
Sooty moulds have been well-studied at the morphological level, but they are poorly represented in a natural classification based on phylogeny and their biochemical potential for obtaining novel bioactive compounds for medical application is underexplored. Expand
The Rubber Juggernaut
By 2050, the area of land dedicated to rubber and other diversified farming systems could more than double or triple, largely by replacing lands now occupied by evergreen broadleaf trees and swidden-related secondary vegetation. Expand
Families of Dothideomycetes
Dothideomycetes comprise a highly diverse range of fungi characterized mainly by asci with two wall layers (bitunicate asci) and often with fissitunicate dehiscence, and it is hoped that by illustrating types they provide stimulation and interest so that more work is carried out in this remarkable group of fungi. Expand
Global Tree Cover and Biomass Carbon on Agricultural Land: The contribution of agroforestry to global and national carbon budgets
Brazil, Indonesia, China and India had the largest increases in biomass carbon stored on agricultural land, while Argentina, Myanmar, and Sierra Leone had thelargest decreases. Expand
Correlation of the highest energy cosmic rays with nearby extragalactic objects
Using data collected at the Pierre Auger Observatory during the past 3.7 years, we demonstrate that there is a correlation between the arrival directions of cosmic rays with energy above {approx} 6 xExpand
Biodiversity impact analysis in northwest Yunnan, southwest China
This paper reports the main findings of a study on the factors threatening biodiversity in northwest Yunnan, a global biodiversity ‘hotspot’ in China and home to over five million people. TheExpand