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In this paper sufficient conditions are obtained for oscillation of all solutions of a class of nonlinear neutral delay difference equations of the form ∆ 2 (y(n) + p(n)y(n − m)) + q(n)G(y(n − k)) = 0 under various ranges of p(n). The nonlinear function G, G ∈ C(R, R) is either sublin-ear or superlinear. 1 Introduction Recently, a good deal of work has been(More)
In this paper, we study the existence and multiplicity of periodic solutions of the following second-order Hamiltonian systems ¨ x(t) + V ′ (t, x(t)) = 0, where t ∈ R, x ∈ R N and V ∈ C 1 (R × R N , R). By using a symmetric mountain pass theorem, we obtain a new criterion to guarantee that second-order Hamiltonian systems has infinitely many periodic(More)
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