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OBJECTIVE Examine whether there are unique patterns of brain activation associated with exposure to photographic sky compositions (representing nature stimuli) as compared with other positive, negative, and neutral images. BACKGROUND The positive impact of nature images on health outcomes traditionally has been measured using behavioral and physiological(More)
Previous studies have used task-related fMRI to investigate the neural basis of pitch identification (PI), but no study has examined the associations between resting-state functional connectivity (RSFC) and PI ability. Using a large sample of Chinese non-musicians (N = 320, with 56 having prior musical training), the current study examined the associations(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether exposure to curve versus sharp contours in the built healthcare setting produces systematic and identifiable patterns of amygdala activation and behavioral response in healthy adults. BACKGROUND Recent studies in cognitive neuroscience suggest that humans prefer objects with a curved contour compared with objects that have(More)
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