Jiancheng Fang

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Position and orientation system (POS) is a key technology widely used in remote sensing applications, which integrates inertial navigation system (INS) and GPS using a Kalman filter (KF) to provide high-accuracy position, velocity, and attitude information for remote sensing motion compensation. However, when GPS signal is blocked, the POS accuracy will(More)
Stochastic errors characterize the performance of inertial sensors and indicate the potential improvements of the device. Accurate modeling of these errors can enhance the performance of inertial navigation system. The simplest and generally adopted method to model stochastic errors of inertial sensor is the normal nonoverlapped Allan variance, but its(More)
Multisensor navigation data synthesis (MNDS) is the process of fusing outputs from inertial sensors with information from other sensors and information processing blocks into one representational form. This technique is anticipated to accomplish enhanced accuracy and more specific inferences than could be achieved by the use of a single sensor alone.(More)
Integrating the advantage of magnetic bearings with a double gimble control moment gyroscope (DGCMG), a magnetically suspended DGCMG (MSDGCMG) is an ideal actuator in high-precision, long life, and rapid maneuver attitude control systems. The work presented here mainly focuses on performance testing of a MSDGCMG independently developed by Beihang(More)