Jianchao Du

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A new error resilient method based on data partitioning and unequal error protection for H.264 video transmission over wireless network is proposed in this paper. By introducing the Impact factor of Inter MB and /spl rho/-curve, the method further divides the C type partition into several subtypes according to their effects to error propagation, then(More)
Scalable video representation of the state-of-art scalable extension of the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (SVC) and its combined 3d scalability feature offer an excellent solution to flexible video multicast over IP network. In order to relieve the impact of the severe bandwidth fluctuations and packet loss to the reconstructed quality in heterogeneous networks like the(More)
In this paper, we propose an error concealment algorithm based on non-uniform Lagrange interpolation for H.264 standard. To increase the accuracy of error concealment algorithm we utilize the 4 4 pixel block interpolation mode supported by H.264 standard, each of 4 4 pixel block has several directional interpolation modes, total MV (Motion Vector)(More)
Recently, scalable video coding technique has attracted a lot of attention for its desired scalable functionality and coding efficiency. H.264/SVC encodes a video in a hierarchical way by which the coded bit stream can satisfy terminals with different capability of display and different condition of network at the same time. However, the huge computational(More)
Network coding is an emerging and powerful solution that can significantly improve the throughput and power efficiency of wireless networks by allowing mixing of various traffic flows into a single packet. However, when network coding is applied, a packet will have to wait to be network-coded with others, which may result on large delay and packet-loss(More)
Summary form only given. This paper proposes a new partition method for reliable H.264 video transmission over wireless channels wherein the impact of each inter MB to error propagation is analyzed. A relationship between image quality and the correctly received MB is established and this helps the encoder find the truncation point to satisfy the quality(More)
Time delay as well as error accumulation makes transmission of high-quality streaming media over multi-hop wireless networks more challenging. Since conventional TCP/IP-based protocol drops and retransmits the whole packet once error(s) occur above Physical Layer, which leads to long time delay and low efficiency in transmission, a new protocol for(More)
Compressive sensing is a new technique in signal processing which can recover a sparse signal vector via a much smaller of non-adaptive, linear measurements than the dimension of the signal vector. In this paper, we applied compressive sensing to a joint source compression-channel coding scheme. With analysis of the reconstruction error of the sparse(More)