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Semaphorin 5A, a member of semaphorin family, was originally identified as axonal guidance factor functioning during neuronal development. Previously, we showed that the expression of semaphorin 5A might contribute to the metastasis of gastric cancer. However, its functional roles and mechanism(s) in invasion and metastasis of gastric cancer remain unclear.(More)
— In this work we initiate a mathematical analysis of rally racing techniques. We provide an empirical description of Trail-Braking (TB) and Pendulum-Turn (PT) cornering, two of the most common rally racing maneuvers. We introduce a low order vehicle model that can be efficiently used within an optimization scheme. The model incorporates the appropriate(More)
—This work analyzes the mitigation of unavoidable T-bone collisions between two automobiles through the execution of an aggressive maneuver involving a rapid yaw rotation of one of the vehicles, in order to achieve a favorable vehicle posture prior to the collision. The maneuvering vehicle is assumed to possess torque vectoring technology at the rear(More)
The invasion of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) has resulted in enormous ecological and economic consequences worldwide. Although the spread of this weed in Africa, Australia, and North America has been well documented, its invasion in China is yet to be fully documented. Here we report that since its introduction about seven decades ago, water(More)
Nowadays, intensive breeding of poultry and livestock of large scale has made the treatment of its waste and wastewater an urgent environmental issue, which motivated this study. A wetland of 688 m2 was constructed on an egg duck farm, and water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) was chosen as an aquatic plant for the wetland and used as food for duck(More)
Despite the recent popularity of the metacommunity concept, ecologists have not evaluated the applicability of different metacommunity frameworks to insular organisms. We surveyed 50 closely spaced islands in the Thousand-Island Lake of China to examine the role of local (environmental) and regional (dispersal) factors in structuring woody plant assemblages(More)
In this work we present an analysis of rally-racing driving techniques using numerical optimization. We provide empirical guidelines for executing a Trail-Braking (TB) maneuver, one of the common cornering techniques used in rally-racing. These guidelines are verified via experimental data collected from TB maneuvers performed by an expert rally driver. We(More)