Jianbo Lu

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—This work analyzes the mitigation of unavoidable T-bone collisions between two automobiles through the execution of an aggressive maneuver involving a rapid yaw rotation of one of the vehicles, in order to achieve a favorable vehicle posture prior to the collision. The maneuvering vehicle is assumed to possess torque vectoring technology at the rear(More)
In this work we present an analysis of rally-racing driving techniques using numerical optimization. We provide empirical guidelines for executing a Trail-Braking (TB) maneuver, one of the common cornering techniques used in rally-racing. These guidelines are verified via experimental data collected from TB maneuvers performed by an expert rally driver. We(More)
—We present a dynamic stability and agility study of a pendulum-turn vehicle maneuver. Instead of optimizing the controlled inputs to mimic expert human driver performance, we focus on understanding the stability and agility performance of the vehicle motion using professional racing car driver testing data. We propose to use the rear side slip angle,(More)
—This paper analyzes a promising method of road grade estimation for its potential use in aiding ground vehicle electronic stability control systems. The method in question incorporates GPS and motion sensors into a basic Kalman Filter model to achieve clean, high update estimates of the vertical and longitudinal velocity states from which the grade can be(More)
Despite the recent popularity of the metacommunity concept, ecologists have not evaluated the applicability of different metacommunity frameworks to insular organisms. We surveyed 50 closely spaced islands in the Thousand-Island Lake of China to examine the role of local (environmental) and regional (dispersal) factors in structuring woody plant assemblages(More)