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In electroporation, an electric field transiently permeabilizes the cell membrane to gain access to the cytoplasm, and to deliver active agents such as DNA, proteins, and drug molecules. Past work suggests that the permeabilization is caused by the formation of aqueous, conducting pores on the lipid membrane, which are also known as electropores. The(More)
The transport mechanisms in electroporation-mediated molecular delivery are experimentally investigated and quantified. In particular, the uptake of propidium iodide (PI) into single 3T3 fibroblasts is investigated with time- and space-resolved fluorescence microscopy, and as a function of extracellular buffer conductivity. During the pulse, both the peak(More)
Multiple pathways are responsible for transducing mechanical and hormonal stimuli into changes in gene expression during heart failure. In this study our goals were (i) to develop a sound statistical method to establish a comprehensive cutoff point for identification of differentially expressed genes, (ii) to identify a gene expression fingerprint for heart(More)
OBJECTIVE Adherence to self-care behaviors improves heart failure (HF) morbidity and life quality. We examined short-term impact of video education (VE) in addition to standard education (SE) on HF healthcare utilization and self-care behavior adherence. METHODS One hundred and twelve hospitalized patients were randomly assigned to SE (n=53) or SE plus VE(More)
Heat shock proteins (Hsps) are molecular chaperones that are involved in many normal cellular processes and stress responses, and heat shock factors (Hsfs) are the transcriptional activators of Hsps. Hsfs and Hsps are widely coordinated in various biological processes. Although the roles of Hsfs and Hsps in stress responses have been well characterized in(More)
BACKGROUND The radial artery has been increasingly used in CABG. However, angiographic outcome data have been limited. METHODS AND RESULTS We reviewed all coronary angiography procedures from February 1996 to October 2001 and selected patients with a radial artery bypass graft. Angiographic outcomes were divided into groups as (1) occluded, (2) severe(More)
WUSCHEL (WUS)-related homeobox (WOX) protein family members play important roles in the maintenance and proliferation of the stem cell niche in the shoot apical meristem (SAM), root apical meristem (RAM), and cambium (CAM). Although the roles of some WOXs in meristematic cell regulation have been well studied in annual plants such as Arabidopsis and rice,(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to determine the ability to identify thrombus within the left atrial appendage (LAA) in the setting of atrial fibrillation (AF) using transthoracic echocardiography (TTE). In AF, the structure and function of the LAA has historically been evaluated using transesophageal echocardiography (TEE). The role of TTE remains(More)
Clustering offers a kind of hierarchical organization to provide scalability and basic performance guarantee by partitioning the network into disjoint groups of nodes. In this paper an energy efficient clustering algorithm is proposed under large-scale mobile sensor networks scenario. In the initial cluster formation phase, our proposed scheme features a(More)
BACKGROUND An accurate and reliable noninvasive method for determining cardiac output/cardiac index would be valuable for patients with acutely decompensated advanced systolic heart failure. OBJECTIVES To determine whether a correlation exists for cardiac output and index determined by using bioimpedance and thermodilution in patients with acutely(More)