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Real-time RT-PCR has been frequently used in quantitative research in molecular biology and bioinformatics. It provides remarkably useful technology to assess expression of genes. Although mathematical models for gene amplification process have been studied, statistical models and methods for data analysis in real-time RT-PCR have received little attention.(More)
We put forward the spectral confusion phenomenon between vegetation and artificial objects - mostly roofs painted with "cool" blue/purple/green pigments in the urban environment. Both of them have the feature of low red and high near-infrared reflectance. For accurate vegetation extraction using high spatial resolution imagery (HSRI), we have developed a(More)
With the dramatic increase of information on Web, text filtering is a key technology in content processing. Now more and more researchers know that filter must be based on the meaning of the word but not on a specific sequence of signs, so they pay more and more attention on filtering method based on semantics recently. However, the usability of these(More)
In this paper the Petri net (PN) with weighted inhibitor arc is exploited to solve the forbidden state problem of discrete event systems (DES). The forbidden state problem considered here is described as the linear inequality constraint of the place marking. We first review the relevant work on the control of DES using inhibitor arc. Then, the design of the(More)
Maintenance interval is one of the most important indexes in equipment maintenance strategy. In the traditional planned maintenance strategy, maintenance interval is often predicted by the way of statistical theory. This method lacks flexibility and can not adjust maintenance intervals according to the actual situation of maintenance. It will easily lead to(More)
With the increasingly complex electromagnetic and transmission environment, in order to reduce the volume of the platform and the mutual interference of the communication radar signals, the demand of the integrated platform is more and more strong. Based on the integrated method of radar communication, three kinds of ways of integration are summarized, and(More)
With the rapid development of software radio, the research and design of Global Navigation Satellite System(GNSS) software receiver has become a hot research topic in the whole satellite navigation system. In this paper, a new signal acquisition algorithm based on FFT parallel code phase search is proposed, which is based on the research of the base-band(More)
The research and application of ultrashort wave are more and more wide ultrashort wave communication has become an indispensable communication way in the field of modern communication, especially in military communication. Based on the needs of ultrashort wave wireless communications technology development, this paper gives theoretical analysis and(More)