Jianbo Hu

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Real-time RT-PCR has been frequently used in quantitative research in molecular biology and bioinformatics. It provides remarkably useful technology to assess expression of genes. Although mathematical models for gene amplification process have been studied, statistical models and methods for data analysis in real-time RT-PCR have received little attention.(More)
INTRODUCTION Neuroimaging studies have reported differences in brain structure and function between homosexual and heterosexual men. The neural basis for homosexual orientation, however, is still unknown. AIM This study characterized the association of homosexual preference with measures of fractional amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation (fALFF) and(More)
Few studies demonstrated neural circuits related to disgust were influenced by internal sexual orientation in male. Here we used fMRI to study the neural responses to disgust in homosexual and heterosexual men to investigate that issue. Thirty-two healthy male volunteers (sixteen homosexual and sixteen heterosexual) were scanned while viewing alternating(More)
BACKGROUND Several cross-cultural studies have suggested that emotions are influenced by the cultural background. Emotional reactions to International Affective Picture System (IAPS) images were compared between Chinese and American young adults. METHODS 120 Chinese undergraduates (53 females, 67 males; aged 18-25 years) were enrolled at Zhejiang(More)
In this paper the Petri net (PN) with weighted inhibitor arc is exploited to solve the forbidden state problem of discrete event systems (DES). The forbidden state problem considered here is described as the linear inequality constraint of the place marking. We first review the relevant work on the control of DES using inhibitor arc. Then, the design of the(More)
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