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This study reports the linkage between MIKE SHE and Wetland-DNDC for carbon dynamics and greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions simulation in forested wetland.Wetland-DNDC was modified by parameterizing management measures, refining anaerobic biogeochemical processes, and was linked to the hydrological model – MIKE SHE. As a preliminary application, we simulated(More)
A processbased model, Wetland-DNDC, was modified to enhance its capacity to predict the impacts of management practices on carbon sequestration in and trace gas emissions from forested wetland ecosystems. The modifications included parameterization of management practices fe.g., forest harvest, chopping, burning, water management, fertilization, and tree(More)
In this article, we describe an information-centric Internet architecture called CoLoR that couples service location and inter-domain routing while decoupling them from forwarding. Preliminary results based on implementation and analysis show that CoLoR is promising since it satisfies many requirements of the future Internet, including being(More)
In this paper, we analyze the security threats of a newly proposed future Internet architecture called CoLoR. In particular, we describe how CoLoR defends against the most prevalent attacks existing in both the current Internet and some recently proposed information-centric networks such as named data networking (NDN). We also present attacks that are(More)
Network operators desire to obtain accurate evaluations of the traffic matrices of their networks because they are critical inputs to many network functions such as traffic engineering, capacity provisioning and anomaly detection. Under the current Internet architecture, however, it is extremely challenging to precisely measure the traffic between an(More)
Solute concentration and water content pro®les were measured from an area of 3 m 6 m to a depth of 1.8 m in cinnamon soil. Spatial variability of soil water content and concentration were simulated using a stochastic model. The results showed that the effect of soil variability on soil water distributions was relatively small, but the concentration(More)
Software-defined networking (SDN) has attracted many research interests among the networking community and has been deployed in many small to moderate networks. Although many approaches have been proposed to address the scalability issue of SDN, however, it is still an open problem whether SDN can be applied to large scale networks such as Tier-1 Internet(More)
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