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—Carpooling, as an effective and eco-friendly travel mode, becomes a kind of public spontaneous behavior with multiple travellers sharing a vehicle to reduce individuals' travel cost, carbon emissions and traffic congestion. Although ubiquitous network access offers great convenience for travellers to find carpools, the safety becomes a big obstacle for(More)
Using cloud storage, data owners can remotely store their data and enjoy the on-demand high quality cloud services without the burden of local data storage and maintenance. However, this new paradigm does trigger many security concerns. A major concern is how to ensure the integrity of the outsourced data. To address this issue, recently, a highly efficient(More)
—In smart grid, to monitor, predict and control the power consumption in real time, energy usage data have to be periodically collected through publicly accessible communication channels, and are stored in a centralized operation center. However, electricity consumption data may disclose the privacy information of users. Therefore, protecting privacy of(More)
Due to the appealing advantages of cloud storage, such as on-demand self-service and ubiquitous network access, an increasing number of users prefer to store their data on remote remote servers. However, outsourced data transfer becomes a critical requirement for users to shift their cloud storage providers because of the emergence of various cloud storage(More)
—Smart meters are integral to power dispatch in the emerging smart grid, by periodically collecting and reporting the electricity consumption of users to the control center to satisfy practical requirements. However, the real-time electricity measurements of individual households may contain plenty of users' privacy, e.g., activities and habits. To resist(More)
—Traffic congestions cause not only the time-consuming and frustrating experiences to drivers, but also other critical problems, such as fuel waste, air pollution and accidents. Real-time traffic information exchange can avoid vehicles being congested on roads. However, when the drivers are acquiring the traffic information, their privacy is inevitable to(More)
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