Jianbing Ma

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—Demand for bus surveillance is growing due to the increased threats of terrorist attack, vandalism and litigation. However, CCTV systems are traditionally used in forensic mode, precluding an in-time reaction to an event. In this paper, we introduce a real-time event composition framework which can support the instant recognition of emergent events based(More)
Belief revision performs belief change on an agent's beliefs when new evidence (either of the form of a propositional formula or of the form of a total pre-order on a set of interpretations) is received. Jeffrey's rule is commonly used for revising probabilistic epistemic states when new information is probabilistically uncertain. In this paper, we propose(More)
BACKGROUND Results from clinical trials are usually summarized in the form of sampling distributions. When full information (mean, SEM) about these distributions is given, performing meta-analysis is straightforward. However, when some of the sampling distributions only have mean values, a challenging issue is to decide how to use such distributions in(More)
Belief revision characterizes the process of revising an agent's beliefs when receiving new evidence. In the field of artificial intelligence, revision strategies have been extensively studied in the context of logic-based formalisms and probability kinematics. However, so far there is not much literature on this topic in evidence theory. In contrast,(More)
In medical clinical trials, overall trial results are highlighted in the abstracts of papers/reports. These results are summaries of underlying statistical analysis where most of the time normal distributions are assumed in the analysis. It is common for clinicians to focus on the information in the abstracts in order to review or integrate several clinical(More)