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When conventional resonant converter is applied in high output voltage power supply, the ratio of the transformer is usually very large, and the voltage stress on the filtering components is too high. In order to solve this problem, a symmetric multiplier is applied in the conventional resonant converter and composes the resonant converter with multiplier.(More)
This paper introduces a new topology - parallel resonant converter with multipliers (PRCM), which is a good choice in high voltage applications, such as TWTA power supply. The operating principle of PRCM is analyzed in detail. Design guideline is presented. Then a design example in a TWTA power supply is introduced. At last the conclusion is given
In this paper, the squint mode multi-channel (MC) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) with hybrid baseline and fluctuant terrain is proposed and studied for high-resolution and wide-swath (HRWS) imaging. During the imaging process, due to the cross-track baseline and fluctuant terrain, the azimuth signal reconstruction is the kernel problem for this imaging(More)
This paper puts forward the optimization design method of parallel resonant converter with multipliers. The principle of the optimization design method is introduced. The design of the optimization program is presented. The method to calculate the equivalent load resistance and voltage gain is introduced. The effect of voltage gain on efficiency is(More)
The design of system on chip is the popular research domain in IC design currently. The key problem in this paper is the design and application of IP core in SoC technology. The SoC technology and the characteristics of IP core are also introduced. The design principles of IP core reusability, IP core design and verification flow are put forward(More)
In this paper, the technique of active clamp is applied in ZVT boost converter and forms active clamp ZVT boost converter. This converter is not only simple in topology but also achieves ZVT in both the main switch and the auxiliary switch. The boost diode turns off naturally and there is no reverse recovery loss. Current of the boost inductor flows in(More)
A modeling framework was proposed to investigate the impact of trans-boundary air pollutant transport on regional air quality. This was based on a combination of the HYSPLIT trajectory model, the CAMx air quality model, and the MM5 meteorological model. The examination of atmospheric PM 10 pollution in Guangzhou within the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region of(More)
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