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A three-dimensional biofilm-electrode reactor (3DBER) was integrated with sulfur autotrophic denitrification (SAD) to improve nitrogen removal performance for wastewater reclamation. The impacts of influent carbon/nitrogen (C/N) ratio, electric current, and hydraulic retention time (HRT) were evaluated. The new process, abbreviated as 3DBER-SAD, achieved a(More)
Two main operating parameters (influent C/N ratio and electric current intensity) were examined for their impacts on the denitrifying bacterial community structure in an integrated system of three-dimensional biofilm-electrode reactor and sulfur autotrophic denitrification (3DBER-SAD). It was found that genus β-proteobacteria played a leading role under(More)
Oscillatory integrals over fan-shaped regions widely exist in scattering analysis, and this paper proposes a new rapid calculation routine for them. In the routine, the concerned bivariate scattering oscillatory integral is reduced to the calculation of two univariate oscillatory integrals. One is calculated with the improved Levin quadrature method, and(More)
A modeling framework was proposed to investigate the impact of trans-boundary air pollutant transport on regional air quality. This was based on a combination of the HYSPLIT trajectory model, the CAMx air quality model, and the MM5 meteorological model. The examination of atmospheric PM 10 pollution in Guangzhou within the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region of(More)
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