Jianbing Hu

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Owing to the rapid development of the communication industry, various kinds of radio frequency components are in great demand and put into mass production. Among them, passive devices such as microwave cavity filters, duplexers and combiners have experienced fast and unexpected upgrades. However, the tuning process of these products, which is always(More)
This paper presents a method based on extreme learning machine to learn motions from human demonstrations. We model a motion as an autonomous dynamical system and define sufficient conditions to ensure the global stability at the target. A detailed theoretic analysis is proposed on the constraints regarding to input and output weights which yields a(More)
Wheeled robots usually move fast in relatively even surfaces while losing their major mobility on rough terrains. However, the tracked robots are superior to the wheel-types when they are to move on irregular terrains in spite of lower speed. In this paper, a Wheel-Track Transformation robot which combines the advantages of both mobile types by turning into(More)
In this paper, a wheel/track mobil platform for robot search and rescue such dangerous tasks is designed. Through the wheel/track transform mechanism, the wheel and track motion modes can be switched alternatively to adapt to different ground situations. The friction between the belt wheel and hub is used to drive the track and its guide wheel is the one of(More)
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