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Translationally controlled tumor protein (TCTP) is a ubiquitous and highly conserved protein which plays a role in cell proliferation and growth, apoptosis, and cell cycle regulation. However, its expression and function in spinal cord injury (SCI) are still unknown. Here, we demonstrated that expression of TCTP was dynamic changed after acute spinal cord(More)
The cytotoxic IgM lambda human hybridoma mAb TrJ11 reacts with lymphoblastoid B-cell lines expressing DR4, DR8, DR11, and DRB1*1303. However, TrJ11 was monospecific when normal B cells freshly isolated from blood served as targets in that it only killed HLA-DR4-positive cells. Thus, of 235 HLA-typed persons TrJ11 was strongly cytotoxic for normal B cells of(More)
TrJ1 is a cytotoxic human hybridoma mAb (IgM lambda). Its reaction pattern with a panel of 42 HLA-defined lymphoblastoid B-cell lines correlated precisely with expression of DQ2. By flow cytometry it was shown that the binding of TrJ1 to DQ2 was efficiently blocked by the murine anti-DQ2 mAb 358.4, indicating that the TrJ1 and 358.4 epitopes overlap. TrJ1(More)
We have generated a human monoclonal cytotoxic IgM lambda antibody (TrJ3) that reacted specifically with all lymphoblastoid B-cell lines expressing HLA-B44(12) and B45(12). TrJ3 hybridoma supernatant was suitable for HLA-B12 typing of freshly isolated blood mononuclear cells. Analysis of available amino acid sequences of HLA-B molecules indicated that the(More)
Serological analysis suggests the existence of a novel HLA-B39 subtype (HLA-B39N) in the Japanese population. To identify this novel allele, a gene encoding HLA-B39N was cloned and the exons were sequenced. A gene encoding HLA-B39N (B*3904) and B*39011 differs by two nucleotide substitutions at codons 11 and 12 whereas B*3904 and B*39013 differ by three(More)
TrJ14 is a cytotoxic human IgG1 lambda hybridoma mAb that recognized a novel HLA-A epitope expressed by lymphoblastoid B cells that are homo- or heterozygous for A2, A3, A11, A30, A31, A33, A68 and A69. Based on these results, the HLA type of cell line TEM (10w9057) was retyped as A66. When peripheral blood T cells isolated freshly from 265 HLA-typed normal(More)
PCBP2, a member of the poly(C)-binding protein (PCBP) family, plays a pivotal role in posttranscriptional and translational regulation by interacting with single-stranded poly(C) motifs in target mRNAs. It is reported that several PCBP family members are involved in human malignancies. However, the distribution and function of PCBP2 in the central nervous(More)
We have generated a cytotoxic human hybridoma monoclonal IgM lambda antibody, designated TrJ6, that is specific for a new epitope shared by HLA-DQ4 and -DQ5. TrJ6 strongly killed all ten DQ4-bearing cells and weakly killed all four DQ5-bearing cell lines. In contrast, none of the 36 cell lines lacking DQ4 and DQ5 antigens was recognized by TrJ6. This was(More)
We have generated a cytotoxic IgM lambda human hybridoma mAb (TrJ5), that is specific for HLA-B38(16) and -B39(16). Among a panel of 42 HLA-defined cell lines, TrJ5 killed all five B38-positive and both B16-positive cell lines, as well as the single B39-positive cell line, but not any cell lines lacking these antigens. It could be ruled out that the TrJ5(More)
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