Jianbin Zhi

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A new simple and valid, stacking robot stacking method based is presented. The process based the kinematic computation of the stacking robot. The rest pile position and orientation of palletizing robot is derived, in full consideration of the teaching pile position and orientation. Based on the derived reasonable position of pile, compensate the rotation of(More)
This paper describes a new object detection approach using particle swarm optimization (PSO). The approach is based on the idea that the task of finding a well-matched subwindow (object) can be formulated as an integer nonlinear optimization problem (INOP). We use PSO to solve this formulated INOP. Experiments in the domain of face detection are presented(More)
One effective trajectory planning algorithm for industrial robot manipulator is introduced in this paper. Both the running velocity and time are normalized. With the known trajectory in the Cartesian space, some initial constraints are given, such as the initial and final position, velocity. One cubic polynomial is deduced when fitting the joint trajectory.(More)
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