Jianbin Xiong

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With recent advances in wireless communication and low-power miniaturized biomedical sensor and semiconductor technologies, wireless body area networks (WBAN) has become an integral part of the disaster aid system. Wearable vital sign sensors can track patients’status and location, thus enhancing disaster rescue efficiency. In the past few years, most of(More)
Recently, Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) have been designed to provide location information of positioning target. The kernel of RTLS is localization algorithm, range-base localization algorithm is concerned as high precision. This paper introduces real-time range-based indoor localization algorithms, including Time of Arrival, Time Difference of(More)
This paper focuses on studying the sensor nodes deployment towards accurate data fusion for ship movement controlling. Furthermore, this study provides a node deployment layout with better measurement accuracy, which is surprisedly different from the layout that we originally predicted.
For the problem of large dimensionless index fluctuations in rotating machinery complex fault and that the corresponding scope is difficult to determine. In this paper proposes a rotating machinery complex fault method that combined dimensionless and the least squares method filtering. This method implementation filtering and determine the scope of the(More)
This paper proposes a cooperative real-time positioning system to solve both indoor and outdoor location tracking problem for disaster aid, we conduct a detailed overview of pre-existing indoor positioning systems, give architecture of cooperative positioning system, and introduce the least square method to improve accuracy of time difference of arrival(More)
We investigate the implementation of field-weakening control for interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM), and analyze the algorithm of field-weakening control in d-q axes. To deal with the problem that the dc-link voltage is not fully utilized when the voltage regulation is employed, we propose a new field-weakening scheme based on the(More)
Power consumption of nodes in a wireless sensor network (WSN) determines the life cycle of the WSN, so it is particularly important to design low-power and high-performance wireless sensor nodes in the network. Based on a simple analysis of the IEEE802.15.4 protocol specifications and comparison among the efficiencies of different physical layers, this(More)
This paper proposes a thrust estimation scheme for marine propellers in four-quadrant operations. To calculate the thrust and torque coefficients of screw propeller in four-quadrant, a Chebyshev fit expression of the propeller properties in four-quadrant for surface vessel is given, and then it is changed into an ordinary polynomial expression. These(More)
With the rapid growth of the network information, how to search the relative information in the web becomes a new challenge. The algorithm of search engine is the key to search on web accurately and rapidly, and the research of search engine algorithm is still a hot issue of Web-search. The standard depth-first algorithm has some insufficient that include(More)