Jianbin Wu

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  • Jianbin Wu
  • 2010
To realize commercial application of web service, research on its trust and reputation model should be raised into the agenda. After all, short of trust and reputation evaluation, web service will be trustless, which is not propitious for its development. Considering the feature of web service and existing trust and reputation evaluation methods, a trust(More)
The solution phase synthesis of N-protected amino acids and peptides has been achieved through the Group-Assisted Purification (GAP) chemistry by avoiding disadvantages of other methods in regard to the difficult scale-up, expenses of solid and soluble polymers, etc. The GAP synthesis can reduce the use of solvents, silica gels, energy and manpower. In(More)
  • Jianbin Wu
  • 2011
To realize commercial application of web services, its trust and reputation model has been raised into the agenda. And also many researches have been done on web services trust evaluation model. However, in practice there exist a few interferences to influence web service trust evaluation. For example, service providers may improve his own QoS level on(More)
In this paper, wrapper based approach is presented to feature subset selection of ground penetrating radar (GPR) echo signal using genetic algorithm in conjunction with constructive learning algorithm. GPR echo signal inherently has the non- stationary characteristic and the target echo signal is deteriorated by the clutter. Firstly, WP-based preprocessing(More)
The aim of our meta-analysis was to compare outcomes for two surgical treatments of calcaneal fractures, percutaneous reduction and fixation with Kirschner wires (PRFK) and open reduction internal fixation (ORIF), with the intent of evaluating the quality of evidence to inform practice. Search of MEDLINE, Cochrane and CNKI databases to identify randomized(More)
During the winter of 2015, there was a strong El Nino (ENSO) event, resulting in significant anomalies for meteorological conditions in China. Analysis shows that the meteorological conditions in December 2015 (compared to December 2014) had several important anomalies, including the following: (1) the surface southeasterly winds were significantly enhanced(More)
—In next generation wireless networks, great challenges have been posed to provide mobile multimedia services with QoS guarantees. Since bandwidth is a scarce resource in wireless networks, effective management of the limited radio resources is important to enhance the network performance. In this paper, we propose an adaptive and dynamic resource(More)
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