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Several intrusion detection approaches have been proposed for mobile ad hoc networks. Many of the approaches assume that there are sufficient neighbors to help monitor the transmissions and receptions of data packets by other nodes to detect abnormality. However, in a sparsely connected adhoc network, nodes usually have very small number of neighbors. In(More)
This paper proposes a concept and designing approach of a user-oriented simulation technique used for simulation of aircraft power systems. The designing targets of this integrated simulation are presented and discussed. The simulation example, an aircraft power system, is described and modeled in Simulink. This paper also reports the development of a(More)
A new series of sugar-conjugated (trans-R, R-cyclohexane-1, 2-diamine)-2-halo-malonato-platinum(II) complexes were designed and synthesized to target tumor-specific glucose transporters (GLUTs). The water solubility of the sugar-conjugated platinum (II) complexes was greatly improved by average of 570-fold, 33-fold, and 94-fold, respectively, compared to(More)
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