Jianbiao Zheng

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In this study, we combined a novel sequencing method, which can identify individual clonotypes based on their unique T cell receptor (TCR) rearrangement, with existing immune assays to characterize antigen-specific T cell responses. We validated this approach using three types of assays routinely used to measure antigen-specific responses: pentamers which(More)
The discovery of somatic mutations in cancer tissue is extremely laborious, time-consuming and costly. In an evaluation comparing mismatch repair detection (MRD) against Sanger sequencing for somatic-mutation detection, we found that MRD had a specificity of 96% and a sensitivity of 92%. Our results showed that MRD is a robust and cost-effective alternative(More)
Monitoring antigen-specific T cells is critical for the study of immune responses and development of biomarkers and immunotherapeutics. We developed a novel multiplex assay that combines conventional immune monitoring techniques and immune receptor repertoire sequencing to enable identification of T cells specific to large numbers of antigens(More)
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