Jianan Wang

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The cuckoo search algorithm is a simple and effective global optimization algorithm. It has been successfully applied to solve a wide range of real-world optimization problem. In this paper, we use a new search strategy based on orthogonal learning strategy to enhance the exploitation ability of the basic cuckoo search algorithm. In order to verify the(More)
In the past decade, a kind of well-known phenomena in many complex combinatorial problems such as satisfiability problem, called phase transition, have been widely studied. In this paper, the phase transition phenomena are investigated during compiling k-satisfiability problems into tractable languages with empirical methods. Ordered binary decision diagram(More)
A novel optimal control approach is proposed for the multi-agent system to reach consensus as well as avoid obstacles with a reasonable control effort. An innovative nonquadratic penalty function is constructed to achieve obstacle avoidance capability from an inverse optimal control perspective. The asymptotic stability and optimality of the consensus(More)
OBJECTIVE The development of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) requires extensive aortic wall matrix degradation. Human AAA lesions express high levels of cathepsin L (CatL), one of the most potent mammalian elastases. Whether this protease participates directly in AAA pathogenesis, however, is unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS We generated experimental AAA(More)
The single batch-processing machine problem is to minimize makespan, which has broad applications, including engineering fundamentals and theoretical background. The machine can process several jobs as a batch simultaneously, and every job has three different attributes: job size, processing time, and job arrival. In this paper, a hybrid local search(More)