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Using a hand-collected sample of election nominations for more than 30,000 directors over the period 2001–2010, we construct a novel measure of director proximity to elections: Years-to-election. We find that the closer directors of a board are to their next elections, the higher CEO turnover–performance sensitivity is. A series of tests—including one that(More)
Cloud computing grows rapidly as today's advanced information technology. However, by allowing outsourcing computation on the Cloud, users risk of disclosing privacy and obtaining forged results. These potential threats block sensitive applications to join the Cloud. In this paper, we characterize sensitive applications on the Cloud (SAND) problem and(More)
For a scalable Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG), interest management (IM) is an essential component to reduce unnecessary network traffic. As Area-Of-Interest (AOI) defines each player's interests, an entity normally maintains a subscriber list of players whose AOIs cover the position of the entity. To maintain the subscriber list, players are(More)
Area of interests (AOI) filter plays a vital role in reducing the network traffic in peer-to-peer (P2P) based massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs). However, not every peer in the system can be completely trusted. Secret information, such as players' positions are vulnerable to be disclosed in traditional AOI filtering and such cheating is hard to(More)
Virtualization is widely used for critical services like Cloud computing. It is desirable to formally verify virtualization systems. However, the complexity of the virtualization system makes the formal analysis a difficult task, e.g., sophisticated programs to manipulate low-level technologies, paged memory management, memory mapped I/O and trusted(More)
Trusted computing relies on formally verified trusted computing platforms to achieve high security assurance. In practice, however, new platforms are often proposed without a comprehensive formal evaluation and explicitly defined underlying assumptions. In this work, we propose TRUSTFOUND, a formal foundation and framework for model checking trusted(More)
The temperature properties of bismuth active centers (BACs) on Bismuth/Erbium co-Doped Optical Fibers (BEDFs) have been demonstrated and the reasons of this phenomenon are explained. The possibility of temperature sensor based BEDFs has also been discussed.
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