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In this work, phenyl-functionalized magnetic graphene/mesoporous silica composites (MG-mSiO2-Ph) were prepared and applied as restricted access matrix solid phase extraction (RAM-SPE) adsorbents to(More)
Rapid and selective enrichment of phosphopeptides from complex biological samples is essential and challenging in phosphorylated proteomics. In this work, for the first time, niobium ions were(More)
Three-layer structure graphene/mesoporous silica composites incorporated with C8-modified interior pore-walls (graphene@mSiO2-C8) were prepared and applied for efficient extraction of glucocorticoid(More)
In the present study, a novel sample preparation method based on magnetic core-mesoporous shell microspheres with C8-modified interior pore walls (C8-Fe3O4@mSiO2) was established for the(More)
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