Jian-zheng Wang

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Alginate/chitosan polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) hybrid fibers are promising materials for scaffold-making in tissue engineering. In this study, a new method termed "hydro-spinning" was developed to make alginate/chitosan hybrid fibers. In hydro-spinning, a chitosan solution was pumped into a flowing sodium alginate solution and sheared into streamlines.(More)
In this work, a 3D MCTS-CCA system was constructed by culturing multi-cellular tumor spheroid (MCTS) in the chitosan/collagen/alginate (CCA) fibrous scaffold for anticancer drug screening. The CCA scaffolds were fabricated by spray-spinning. The interactions between the components of the spray-spun fibers were evidenced by methods of Coomassie Blue stain,(More)
Compliance with coding standards is becoming an important evaluating index of a software engineer¿s teamwork capability and international cooperation capability. Unreadable and non-reusable program code, high defect density, and expensive maintenance cost are changing the mindset of managers working in software companies. The best place to solve this(More)
The subject of our investigations was the process of obtaining alginate/chitosan polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) fibers. In this study, a novel method named "spray-spinning" was developed for the making of these hybrid fibers. In spray-spinning, a chitosan solution was sprayed into a flowing sodium alginate solution and sheared into streamlines. The elongated(More)
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