Jian-yong Teng

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The effects of annealing for different periods at 373K in air on the properties of the contact between Au and p-CdZnTe have been investigated by current-voltage (I-V), shear-off-test and scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM) in this paper. It is found that annealing at 373K in air for 2h can get lower Schottky barrier height, better ohmic contact property and(More)
The weighting potential distribution on a capacitive Frisch grid CZT detector and fabrication processing of the device have been investigated in this paper. The simulation results show that a bigger ratio of L/H helps to compress the weighting potential and the primary experimental results show that FWHM of the energy spectra of <sup>241 </sup>Am increases(More)
The process of surface passivation of CdZnTe(CZT) plays dominant role in detector performance, which can decrease the noise of the detector and improve the spectral energy resolution. The thickness of the passivation film has been measured by infrared spectroscopic ellipsometry in this paper. The relationship between thickness of the passivation films and(More)
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