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Glycosyltransferases (GTs) play important roles in stress responses of plants by glycosylating hormones and secondary metabolites. UDP-glucosyltransferases (UGTs), which use UDP-glucuronic acid in animals, UDP-glucose, UDP-galactose, and UDP- rhamnose in plant as sugar donors, belong to family 1 of GTs. As a secondary metabolite produced by Fusarium(More)
Monoammonium glycyrrhizinate (MAG) was the aglycone of glycyrrhizin derived from licorice. In this study, the anti-inflammatory effects of MAG on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced acute lung injury (ALI) in mice and the possible mechanisms involved in this protection were investigated. Pretreatment with MAG prior to the administration of intratracheal LPS(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of Er Xian Decoction (EXD) and its three subdivisions "warming Shen" ,"nourshing Yin" and "adjusting Chong and Ren" in regulating the level of estradiol (E2) on the primary cultured granulosa cells. METHODS Effect of EXD and its three subdivisions, also part of the effective components of this formula, icariin and(More)
The safety of geniposide, mainly focusing on its hepatotoxicity in rats, was determined by liver enzymes in serum and histopathology ultrastructural preparation. The lethal dose, 50% (LD50) of per oral geniposide was 1431.1 mg kg(-1). The acute toxicity study indicated geniposide at dose of 574 mg kg(-1) or more could cause hepatic toxicity in rats and the(More)
Muscimol dialysis in the retrotrapezoid nucleus (RTN) region of awake rats reduces tidal volume during air breathing and decreases chemoreception (Nattie, Li, 2000. J. Appl. Physiol., 89, 153-162). Is there an endogenous GABAergic inhibition of the RTN as for medullary respiratory and pressor neurons? Bicuculline microdialysis (30 min; 1 mM) into the RTN(More)
OBJECTIVE To explain functions, differences and coordination of three divided combinations of the "Erxian decoction", the famous traditional Chinese formula, on the effective sites of gonad gland at the cell level. METHOD The effects of Erxian decoction and its main disassembled prescriptions, "Kidney Warming", "Yin Nourishing" and "Chong-ren Adjusting",(More)
Paclitaxel (taxol) is a widely used antineoplastic drug employed alone or in combination to treat many forms of cancer. Paclitaxel blocks microtubule depolymerization thereby stabilizing microtubules and suppressing cell proliferation and other cellular processes. Previous reports indicate that paclitaxel can cause mild to moderate sensorineural hearing(More)
Cold-heat problem is one core of traditional Chinese medicine theory. This paper summarizes the experimental research related to the biological basis of cold-heat essence in cold-heat syndrome, cold-heat body constitution and cold-heat property of Chinese herbs. In view of the classical physiological and biochemical indices, gene expression, protein(More)
Reconnection of the self-generated magnetic fields in laser-plasma interaction was first investigated experimentally by Nilson et al. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 255001 (2006)] by shining two laser pulses a distance apart on a solid target layer. An elongated current sheet (CS) was observed in the plasma between the two laser spots. In order to more closely model(More)
AIM Observe the effects of er-long-zuo-ci-wan (EIZCW, a compound of Chinese Traditional Medicine) on the spontaneous discharge of external cortex of inferior colliculus (ICx) and secondary auditory cortex (AII) of chronic tinnitus model rats induced by salicylate acid, to explore the neural mechanisms underlying ELZCW preventing tinnitus. METHODS 30 adult(More)