Jian-qiang Hu

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A new concept of subway station capacity (SSC) is defined according to the gathering and scattering process. A queuing network analytical model of station is created for calculating SSC, which is built by M/G/C/C state dependent queuing network and discrete time Markov chain (DTMC). Based on the definition and the analytical queuing network, a SSC(More)
considering the deficiency of accurate hand gesture contour inaccessible and inefficiency in complex dynamic background in existing methods of hand gesture tracking, a two dimensional skin color probability forecast method is proposed. Based on this, a hand gesture segmentation method of multi-mode and a hand gesture tracking method of state estimation are(More)
A novel probability model is presented using the probability-based method of moving information selection together with the skin color probability distribution image. After the division of the images, the moving information is obtained by the use of the statistical frame difference method. In order to locate the accurate location of the hand position, the(More)
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