Jian-min Yan

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Drought is a major threat to agriculture production worldwide. Mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) play a pivotal role in sensing and converting stress signals into appropriate responses so that plants can adapt and survive. To examine the function of MAPKs in the drought tolerance of tomato plants, we silenced the SpMPK1, SpMPK2, and SpMPK3 genes in(More)
OBJECTIVE To probe into essence and concept of Meridian, and discuss with the author of the paper "A new way for study of Meridian essence". METHODS Review courses of studies on Meridian and collaterals in the half century, and look up and analyze the literature. CONCLUSION Theories of Meridian and Collaterals originate from Yin and Shang Dynasties, and(More)
LI Shizhen mentioned Fanguan Neishi in Qijing Bamaikao, but without interpretation. There are various interpretations of Fanguan Neishi, such as perception induced by Qigong and methodology of TCM, which are not evidence-based. According to the meaning of perception in traditional culture, neuroscience and psychological research, the physiological function(More)
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