Jian-lin Wang

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The distribution characteristics of soil N/P ratio in alpine grassland ecosystem of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau were surveyed by field investigation and laboratory analysis. Horizontally, soil N/ P ratio was generally higher in west and lower in east in a manner of staggered patch distribution, with higher N/P ratios mainly centralized in the hinterland of(More)
In this synthetic route, the raw materials are obtained easily and the conditions of reactions are smoothly. The products in some main procedures of the route have high yieds. This synthetic route is a new way of the compound, there hasn't been reported anywhere. It needs further studies to be practically applied. According to this synthetic routes, the(More)
Based on the time series 10-day composite NOAA Pathfinder AVHRR Land (PAL) dataset (8 km x 8 km), and by using land surface energy balance equation and "VI-Ts" (vegetation index-land surface temperature) method, a new algorithm of land surface evapotranspiration (ET) was constructed. This new algorithm did not need the support from meteorological(More)
Forest canopy herbivores are known to increase rates of nutrient fluxes to the forest floor in a number of temperate and boreal forests, but few studies have measured effects of herbivore-enhanced nutrient fluxes in tropical forests. We simulated herbivore-induced fluxes in a tropical rainforest in Puerto Rico by augmenting greenfall (fresh foliage(More)
Dew formation has the potential to modulate the spatial and temporal variations of isotopic contents of atmospheric water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide. The goal of this paper is to improve our understanding of the isotopic interactions between dew water and ecosystem water pools and fluxes through two field experiments in a wheat/maize cropland and in a(More)
In the present paper, the possibility of generation of Raman spectra using polychromatic light instead of laser is discussed based on the theory of Raman scattering. When a polychromatic light impinges on a sample, the resultant scattering includes Rayleigh scattering and Raman scattering brought about by the excitation light at each corresponding(More)
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