Jian hua Sun

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Anomalies of the left renal vein (retroaortic left renal vein and left renal vein collar) and the inferior vena cava (left-sided inferior vena cava and caval duplication) occur relatively infrequently but pose potential hazards to the surgeon during aortic repair. We report the cases of three patients in which one or a combination of these anomalies of the(More)
A review of the literature and a combined burn center study of the University of Beijing and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center looking at cancer arising from old burn injuries are reported. This study indicates that of the 21 patients 76% were male, with an age range from 15 to 67 years. The lag period for all cancers ranged from 8 months to(More)
A study conducted by the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Burn Center of 42 burned pregnant patients indicates that the mortality of both the fetus and mother is dependent upon the percent body burn of the mother. Aggressive surgical therapy, including debridement with eschar excision and skin grafting, increases maternal survival. Chances of(More)
We report a case of massive small intestinal bleeding in a non-HIV positive patient treated with cyclophosphamide and steroids for polyarteritis nodosa. Tagged red blood cell studies, endoscopy, and angiograms were performed prior to exploratory laparotomy. Jejunal ulceration and bleeding were evident by serosal staining. Resected segments revealed(More)
Verbal and symbol concentration, learning, problem solving, clear thinking, manual skills, and memory were tested in 42 surgical residents to assess the effects of acute sleep deprivation on specific neuropsychological parameters. A series of eight neuropsychological tests--digit symbols, digit vigilance, story memory, trail making, PASAT, Raven matrices,(More)
Carbicarb (Na2CO3 0.33 molar NaHCO3 0.33 molar), a mixture formulated to avoid the objections to sodium bicarbonate therapy, has been compared with 1 mol/L NaHCO3 and 1 mol/L NaCl in the treatment of mixed respiratory and metabolic acidosis (pH 7.17) produced by asphyxia in rats. In clinically appropriate doses, intravenous NaHCO3 raised arterial pH only(More)
Software test is an important step during software development. Improving the automation of software testing can increase the robustness of software and decrease the cost of development. The key of improving the automation ability of testing is improving the automatic test data generation. The paper presents a new method to generate test data for multi-path(More)
The aim of this study was to establish whether early prepubertal Sannen dairy goat could provide a large source of ova for SCNT. The effects of different hormonal treatments including untreated control, FSH alone, estadiol plus progesterone (E2-P4), and E2-P4 and FSH (E2-P4-FSH) on ovary size, follicle number and size were studied using the early(More)
9523 Background: Lymphedema is a significant long-term complication of primary therapy for breast cancer. Anecdotally, several patients (pts) with metastatic disease treated with bevacizumab monotherapy noted improvement in long-standing lymphedema. This pilot study was conducted to explore these observations prospectively. METHODS We used an existing(More)