Jian-hua Li

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Escrowable identity-based authenticated key agreement (AKA) protocols are desirable under certain circumstances especially in certain closed groups applications. In this paper, we focus on two-party identitybased AKA schemes in the escrow mode, and present a strongly secure escrowable identity-based AKA protocol which captures all basic desirable security(More)
With the flooding of pornographic information on the Internet, how to keep people away from that offensive information is becoming one of the most important research areas in network information security. Some applications which can block or filter such information are used. Approaches in those systems can be roughly classified into two kinds: metadata(More)
BACKGROUND Rosids are a major clade in the angiosperms containing 13 orders and about one-third of angiosperm species. Recent molecular analyses recognized two major groups (i.e., fabids with seven orders and malvids with three orders). However, phylogenetic relationships within the two groups and among fabids, malvids, and potentially basal rosids(More)
Neuraminidase inhibitors (NAIs) are the only available licensed therapeutics against human H7N9 influenza virus infections. The emergence of NAI-resistant variants of H7N9viruses with an NA R292K mutation poses a therapeutic challenge. A comprehensive understanding of the susceptibility of these viruses to clinically available NAIs, non-NAIs and their(More)
2006 To assist people with physical disabilities in text entry, we have studied the contribution of semantic knowledge in the word completion task. We have first constructed a semantic knowledge base (SKB) that stores the semantic association between word pairs. To create the SKB, a novel Lesk-like relatedness filter is employed. On the basis of the SKB, we(More)
E-cash system can guarantee the anonymity of the user, but it also can be misused illegally. So the idea of fair E-cash was introduced, i.e., the anonymity of the user can be revoked when a crime is involved in fair E-cash system. However, it is still an unsolved problem to design a practical and efficient fair E-cash scheme, since there are some problems(More)
(6), this infection was considered to be autoch-thonous, indicating endemicity of the C. gattii VGIIb-like variant in Nova Scotia and highlighting the value of non-migratory animals as sentinels for emerging diseases (7). Incidence for this disease is highest in the Pacific Northwest , where the primary agents are C. gattii VGII genotypes (2,4). A pertinent(More)
Sensitive molecular techniques are needed for rapid detection of the R292K oseltamivir-resistant mutant of influenza A(H7/N9) virus strain to monitor its transmission and guide antiviral treatment. We developed a real-time reverse transcription PCR and single nucleotide polymorphism probes to differentiate this mutant strain in mixed virus populations in(More)
As part of a patient safety curriculum, we developed a Web-based hazard and near-miss reporting system for postbaccalaureate nursing students to use during their clinical experiences in the first year of their combined BS-MS advanced practice nurse program. The 25-week clinical rotations included 2 days per week for 5 weeks each in community,(More)
A new inulinase-producing strain was isolated from rhizosphere soils of Jerusalem artichoke collected from Shihezi (Xinjiang, China) using Jerusalem artichoke power (JAP) as sole carbon source. It was identified as an Aspergillus niger strain by analysis of 16S rRNA. To improve inulinase production, this fungus was subjected to mutagenesis induced by (60)Co(More)