Jian-hua Cheng

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To provide an ability to characterize local features for the chaotic neural network (CNN), Gauss wavelet is used for the self-feedback of the CNN with the dilation parameter acting as the bifurcation parameter. The exponentially decaying dilation parameter and the chaotically varying translation parameter not only govern the wavelet self-feedback transform(More)
The structure of an osteochondral biphasic scaffold is required to mimic native tissue, which owns a calcified layer associated with mechanical and separation function. The two phases of biphasic scaffold should possess efficient integration to provide chondrocytes and osteocytes with an independent living environment. In this study, a novel biphasic(More)
This paper presents modification of Radial Basis Function Artificial Neural Network (RBF ANN)-based temperature compensation models for Interferometric Fiber Optical Gyroscopes (IFOGs). Based on the mathematical expression of IFOG output, three temperature relevant terms are extracted, which include: (1) temperature of fiber loops; (2) temperature variation(More)
To obtain the absolute position of a target is one of the basic topics for non-cooperated target tracking problems. In this paper, we present a simultaneously calibration method for an Inertial navigation system (INS)/Global position system (GPS)/Laser distance scanner (LDS) integrated system based target positioning approach. The INS/GPS integrated system(More)
This retrospective study included 101 adult moyamoya disease (MMD) patients of whom 58 were females and 43 were males in Wenzhou, China. Clinical and diagnostic features, surgical treatment, follow-up information and outcomes constitute this review. The modified Rankin Scale (mRS) was used to determine the neurological functional outcome. The Kaplan-Meier(More)