Jian-feng Zhan

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Needle fir (Abies nephrolepis) wood was surface densified at two compression ratios (16.1 and 21.7 %), two hot-pressing temperatures (160 and 180 °C) for a pressure holding duration of 10 min. Subsequently, it was thermally treated at two temperatures (180 and 200 °C) for 1 h. The equilibrium moisture content responses and radial swelling strain ratios were(More)
Hydrothermal–mechanical (HTM) treatment is a combined action of temperature, moisture, and mechanical loads. Various kinds of HTM processes have been developed to produce eco-friendly modified wood products. Among these modification technologies, a combination of surface densification and hydrothermal post-treatment is a promising option that can be used to(More)
In this paper, we introduce one efficient Power-to-Amplitude Transformation (PAT) technique based on the Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) method for the electromagnetic simulation of the guide-wave system. Due to the time-domain characteristic, FDTD method is one of the most popular numerical EM methods to analyze the guide-wave problem excited by(More)
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