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Recently, many studies on health benefits associated with curcumin have been reported. In this study, the effects of curcumin on apoptosis of papillary thyroid cancer cell line K1 and its potential mechanisms were investigated. Curcumin was found to significantly inhibit cell viability and promoted cell apoptosis in a dose-dependent manner. Moreover,(More)
The anti-metastatic effect of curcumin on papillary thyroid cancer K1 cells and its underlying mechanisms were investigated. Curcumin at 12.5, 25 and 50 μM promoted mesenchymal–epithelial transition and decreased the migration rate of K1 cells by 24–87 %. Its mechanism may involve the up-regulation of E-cadherin expression levels and down-regulation of the(More)
qRT-PCR is one of the most popular approaches to analyze specific gene expression level, and stably expressed reference genes are essential to obtain reliable results. However, many reference genes are only stable under certain circumstances and different reference genes might be required in different experiments. High temperature is a common stress that(More)
Waxy maize has little or very low content of amylose (<5 %) in grain starch and carries null mutations of the waxy (Wx) gene. With important uses as fresh maize or as an ingredient in food, textile, adhesive, and paper industries, two types of wx allele, wx-D7 and wx-D10, had been identified. In the present study, 10 accessions carrying neither wx-D7 nor(More)
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