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Single-crystalline CrSi(2) nanostructures with a unique hexagonal nanoweb morphology have been successfully synthesized for the first time. These nanowebs span 150-200 nm and are composed of <112̅0> nanowire segments with a thickness of 10-30 nm. It is proposed that surface charges on the {101̅0} sidewalls and the minimization of electrostatic energy induce(More)
Rectified transport of active ellipsoidal particles is numerically investigated in a two-dimensional asymmetric potential. The out-of-equilibrium condition for the active particle is an intrinsic property, which can break thermodynamical equilibrium and induce the directed transport. It is found that the perfect sphere particle can facilitate the(More)
The molecule structures of Ponceau 4R in ground state and the excited state were optimized by employing the Gaussian 09W program package. In addition, the electronic structure and frontier orbital of the ground state, the emission wavelength of the excited state was also investigated. And then, the Edinburgh FLS920P fluorescence spectrometer was applied to(More)
Transport of self-propelled particles in a two-dimensional (2D) separate channel is investigated in the presence of the combined forces. By applying an ac force, the particles will be trapped by the separate walls. A dc force produces the asymmetry of the system and induces the longitudinal directed transport. Due to the competition between self-propulsion(More)
A non-equilibrium Green's function technique combined with density functional theory is used to study the spin-dependent electronic band structure and transport properties of zigzag silicene nanoribbons (ZSiNRs) doped with aluminum (Al) or phosphorus (P) atoms. The presence of a single Al or P atom induces quasibound states in ZSiNRs that can be observed as(More)
We numerically investigated the transport of anisotropic particles in tilted periodic structures. The diffusion and mobility of the particles demonstrate distinct behaviors dependence on the shape of the particles. In two-dimensional (2D) periodic potentials, we find that the mobility is influenced a little by the anisotropy of the particle, while the(More)
To observe the graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) in rat-to-mouse model of bone marrow transplantation to build a GVHD model, BALB/c mice were conditioned with 8.5 Gy lethal total body irradiation and divided into two groups. One group of mice was infused with 4 x 10(7) bone marrow cells (BMC) from SD rats. The other group of mice was infused with 4 x 10(7)(More)
Transport of the finite size spherical Brownian particles is investigated in confined narrow channels with varying cross-section width. Applying the Fick-Jacobs approximation, we obtain the expressions of the particle current, the effective diffusion coefficient, and the coherence level of Brownian transport (the Péclet number). For the case of the biased(More)
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