Jian-cheng Fang

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A new optimal fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) scheme is studied in this paper for the continuous-time stochastic dynamic systems with time delays, where the available information for the FDD is the input and the measured output probability density functions (pdf's) of the system. The square-root B-spline functional approximation technique is used to(More)
An advanced flight midcourse guidance law based on genetic algorithm (GA) is proposed. The proposed midcourse guidance formulation minimizes the flight time and maximizes the terminal energy subject to a terminal intercept condition. GA is used to search the optimal attack angle for the flight trajectory. By combining GA and singular perturbation technique(More)
This paper describes an adaptive control approach of three‐dimensional (3D) nonlinear path following for a fix‐wing micro aerial vehicle (MAV) with wind disturbances in complicated terrain. We derive the control laws of course and flight path angle by the constructed Lyapunov function applying vector field theory based on the error equations in the(More)
Maintenance of high performance formation control is important for low Earth orbit (LEO) formation missions of small spacecraft. In this paper, a model of nonlinear relative motion dynamics is built, and then nonlinear and important perturbations affecting the formation configuration, such as J 2 and atmospheric drag, are analyzed as disturbances. Global(More)
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