Jian-cai Deng

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Contaminant transport in soils is complicated and involves some physical and chemical nonequilibrium processes. In this research, the soil column displacement experiments of Cl(-) and atrazine under different flow velocities were carried out. The data sets of Cl(-) transport in sandy loam fitted to the convection dispersion equation (CDE) and the two-region(More)
Self-made glass reactors were employed to study the occurrence of black water bloom induced by different types of organic matters, to clarify the precursor of volatile organic sulfur compounds (VOSCs), and then to preliminarily study its degradation mechanisms under laboratory-controlled conditions. Our research indicated that provided organic matrix were(More)
Sources, partitioning and toxicological risk of 15 priority polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in surface sediments from drinking water sources of Taihu Lake, with an area of 2428 km(2) located in the most developed and populated area of China, were studied, and the results were compared with those in other lakes of China and the USA. Concentrations of(More)
Based on different ecological zone of Taihu Lake, alkaline phosphatase activity (APA), the kinetic parameters and the chemical parameters in water column from different zone of Taihu Lake were monitored, and the spatial distribution characteristics and the effects of environmental factors on the values of APA, Vmax and Km were studied. The results showed(More)
The characteristics of spatial distribution of nitrogen and phosphorus in water were studied. The results showed that concentrations of total nitrogen/phosphorus in water from Meiliang Bay, Zhusan Bay, Gonghu Bay, West and Central Taihu Lake were obviously higher than those from any other region of Taihu Lake. The spatial distribution of dissolved(More)
The concentrations of Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd, and Ni were measured in surface and core sediments to determine their distribution characteristics and toxicity in the sediments of Lake Chaohu. The results revealed that metal concentrations in the surface sediments had a tendency to increase from the estuarine mouth to the lake center. The distribution characteristics(More)
The concentrations and spatial distributions of eight heavy metals in surface sediments and sediment core samples from a shallow lake in China were investigated to evaluate the extent of the contamination and potential ecological risks. The results showed that the heavy metal concentrations were higher in the northern and southwestern lake zones than those(More)
An effective measure to cope with eutrophication of lakes is to remove nutrients that can cause algal blooming by taking advantage of natural water purification processes. Here, the term "purification" is defined, in a wide sense, as the potential role of a water body to contribute to the reduction of pollutants and thus controlling eutrophication. Also(More)
The horizontal transport of nitrate in main soil groups (yellow fluvo-aquic soils and aeolian sandy soil) in Huang-Huai-Hai Plain was studied. The results were as follows: the horizontal transport velocity of nitrate decreased with the distance of the tracer source in power function. Due to different soil property in soil profile, the curves of horizontal(More)
An outdoor culture experiment was conducted to study the growth and nutrient contents of submerged macrophyte Potamogeton malaianus in Taihu Lake under different CO2 concentrations. As affected by elevated CO2 concentration (1000 micromol x mol(-1)), the biomass per plant increased by 44.3% (P < 0.01), but the shoot biomass decreased by 5.5% (P < 0.05). The(More)