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Phosphopantetheinyl transferases (PPTases), which play an essential role in both primary and secondary metabolism, are magnesium binding enzymes. In this study, we characterized the magnesium binding residues of all known group II PPTases by biochemical and evolutionary analysis. Our results suggested that group II PPTases could be classified into two(More)
Comparative embryology is integral to uncovering the pattern and process of metazoan phylogeny, but it relies on the assumption that life histories of living taxa are representative of their antecedents. Fossil embryos provide a crucial test of this assumption and, potentially, insight into the evolution of development, but because discoveries so far lack(More)
—Broadcast encryption schemes are suitable for one-way content distribution and protection applications. In this paper, we give a concrete implementation framework for how to introduce BE schemes into Conditional Access Systems(CAS). And then we compare the transmission performance of four highly efficient broadcast encryption schemes with traditional CAS(More)
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